Whether or not you’re a measurement 2 or a 24, these denims will go well with you properly


Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a lifelong task. We all have tons of pairs in our denim collections, but how many of them can we actually trust to look amazing every time we put them on? Skinny jeans have been our denim style of choice for years, and we've come up with so many styling ideas that go with the classic look. It's only recently that it's a "baggy but tapered" fit that has caught our attention. With so many denim styles to choose from these days, we went straight to the experts to find out which jeans are the most flattering to wear on a day-to-day basis.

We reached out to denim experts at 3×1, Paige, and Warp + Weft to weigh the matter up. While they all have slightly different opinions about the best looking jeans, they have all expressed that the pair that you feel great in is the one that looks your best. We could no longer come to an agreement, but also wanted to find out exactly which pairs of experts are allowed. Just before they did, each of them shared the number one thing that makes a pair of jeans look great on any body, regardless of shape or size.


Melinda Martin