You bet Jason Sudeikis was wearing a hoodie and it was a sweet nod to his ex Olivia Wilde


Ted Lasso Star and co-creator Jason Sudeikis won two Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series, and then thanked ex-partner Olivia Wilde in the virtual press room. “I want to thank my kids, Otis and Daisy. I want to thank their mother, Olivia, who came up with the original idea of ​​doing this as a TV show. It was like, ‘Wow, you and Brendan [Hunt] and Joe [Kelly] If you enjoy doing this so much, do it as a movie or a TV show. ‘ I said no.” She was right, “he said.

Sudeikis showed off another hoodie after falling for his tie-dye sweatshirt at the Golden Globes, which came from his sister’s dance studio. He confirmed to fans that he has a whole range of hoodies that represent different things that he supports. Well, it looks like the night is devoted to savages not only in speech but also in clothing.

It turns out that this blue sweatshirt says “Crockett High School,” the fictional school in Bookmaker (2019), for which he played the headmaster. Wilde made her directorial debut with BookmakerSo Jason’s clothes basically said, “You supported my career and I support yours.” Wilde even commented on his choice of outfit! Scroll down for a short mini timeline and backstory about that cute moment (and to buy the hoodie before it sells out).


Melinda Martin