You can actually drill a keyring hole in the AirPods, but maybe you shouldn’t


Photo credit – iFixit

A few weeks ago, Apple officially launched the AirTags tracking accessory. While initial reviews of the accessory were largely positive, one of the things many had wanted from the AirTags was a hole through which it could be attached to key rings. Finally, an accessory that can be used to track items like keys appears to be rather keyring unfriendly.

While Apple sells keyring holders that you can put the AirTags in, that’s just more money, but there is some good news. The iFixit staff tore down the AirTags and realized that if you really wanted to, you could actually drill a keyring hole in the outer layer of the AirTags.

You’ll need to take out the battery first in case you accidentally drill into it. Otherwise, you can avoid all of the electronics if you can drill in a certain spot. We don’t really recommend doing this to anyone as it would essentially void your warranty. There is also a possibility that you could damage the accessories. As iFixit notes, drilling a hole will also cause the AirTags to lose their IP67 capabilities.

However, if you are a little more daring and want a small DIY project, know that while it is not recommended, it is possible. In the meantime, we can only hope that Apple will be releasing new variants of the AirTags with key ring holes in the future.

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Melinda Martin