You’ll be able to thank athleisure for this bra development


There are many things we can thank athleisure for, like yoga pants, chunky sneakers, and the ability to wear the most comfortable clothes while still looking chic. The latest trend inspired by the full blown aesthetic? Seamless bras.

The soft cup bra, also known as the bralette, is on the rise as a comfortable alternative to the padded or underwire bra. Now people prefer this style more than ever. According to Jennifer Zuccarini, founder of Fleur du Mal, we can attribute the newfound popularity of the seamless bra to the sport too.

“The rise of the soft bra or the wireless bra is in part a departure from padded push-up bras from the past,” says Zuccarini. "Women also live in their free time, wear sports bras every day and want something similar in their everyday life."

Regardless of whether you want a simple cotton bra or a bra with details that are worth seeing, we have grouped our favorite soft cup bras for all tops and dresses. Wear them every day or for your night; You will feel more comfortable than ever before.


Melinda Martin