"Your palms are so tender" compliments are immediately associated to those 16 lotions


Winter is coming, which means our hands will soon be drier than usual. We know. It is an unfair phenomenon that the best time of the year is often marred by the onset of flaky, cracked, irritated skin, especially on our hands. Life is tough at times, but luckily there are remedies that can turn rough claws into soft, smooth ones that leave your inner circle and send frantic texts calling for this hand care routine.

Based on all of the soft-handed queens that make up Team Who What Wear, one might think that expansive hand-softening rituals were a requirement for employment. (I can assure you that it doesn't!) That's why we put the team together to share their picks for the best hand creams to keep those paws soft and supple all winter long.

Check out the 16 best hand creams for winter that our editors personally vouch for, and shop for the complementary hand care products that they use to promote baby-soft hands.


Melinda Martin